December 2017


Hand Bordering Finishing Process

Hand bordering is one of the wood working finishing processes. Finishing refers to those activities carried out on the printed material. It is meant to give the frames a beautiful hand border. A hand border can either be single or double. These activities are performed after the printing process. The hand bordering process involves fastening of the different sheets together, binding, and other decorating processes like laminating, embossing and die-stamping.

Finishing can either be an in-line or off-line process. With the in-line process, finishing is done by the various units that are attached to the printing press’s end. When it comes to the off-line method, both finishing and printing are two different processes.

What is hand finishing process?

These are the final or finishing operations done manually after the printing process. They are meant to give your design a consistent and a beautiful look. It is a useful process that makes the design shine. Its major processes includes the following;

Application and removal or mask

A layer of masking tape is applied to the material before cutting. This is done to produce a clean cut. When this tape is not applied, the laser might end up creating cuts having smoky and charred edges. It is a process that involves an additional cost.masking tape

It is mainly recommended for many projects before cutting. Its application depends on the project’s final purpose. Masking removal is done by removing its little bits that remain after cutting. These bits can engrave your masking project if you do not remove them. It is a time-consuming process. The cost associated with this process can be determined by evaluating your file.


This operation is done to remove the unneeded or extra material. Weeding out is done using affine-tip-tool. This process is dependent on the project’s scale and intricacy of your design. Sometimes it can be time-consuming and very tedious. It is an additional service that needs to be considered in the design phase of your project.

Trimming and cutting

Trimming is done on the large stocks before printing. It is also done after printing on those sheets having multiple trimmed surfacesignatures. It is mainly done to ensure that the sheet can fit easily to the bindery equipment or folding machines. These processes are done using a guillotine.

Painting, staining, and application of sealant

Wood is painted using any colour. This is done to improve its surface finish. It is known for producing beautiful surface sheens like metallic, chalkboard, glitters, hard enamel and glosses. Staining is done to increase the depth of the wood-grains as well as emboldening its character. The protective sealant is applied to stained and painted surfaces.


How to Stay Positive and Succeed

Life is never easy, and it can be tough to stay focused and confident all the time. Having a positive mindset takes many factors, and in this article, we will go through a few things you can do to stay in the right mind. I also help to memorize some frases inspiradoras de motivação to keep you moving forward. In the meantime let us look at a few things you can do to stay positive.

Associate genuine friends

One this that people these days forget is that a true friend woman looking at words confidence will tell you the truth even if it means you get hurt. People who tell nice things to your face and talk bad behind your back are not people you should associate. Surrounding yourself will those who like you for who you are and will lift you up is the kind of people you must have in your life.

Read inspirational books

Books are a great source of knowledge, and they are even more valuable when they give you a story that will make you want to be better. Stories that talk about heroes who sacrifice their lives for the betterment of others can leave a great impression on you and make you want to be better. Never read books that have sad endings or are all about war and fighting as they can create a negative impact on you.

Attend inspirations seminars

Almost every city or town will have communities that arrange inspirational events for the people. Try to attend these functions and see what you can learn to help you stay positive too. You can also meet many like-minded new people who may end up becoming a positive impact on your life.

Use the internet

Pen writing words be positiveThe internet today is used for many things including communication and finding information that people need. Many people, however, use it for recreational purposes and things that do not make them better. But, if you want to gain something useful off the web, try looking for sites that offer inspirational phrases and videos that can help you be better and change your outlook on life. Do not simply look at funny videos, play games and use social media and the internet has a wealth of knowledge that can benefit you immensely.

Staying positive and having courage in life is never easy. We often face difficult situations at school, work and at home. Find some quotes and phrases and keep them in your mind always so you can make your life better.