November 2016

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Importance Of Buildings Having Disabled Lifts

Disabled lifts are essential in every building especially buildings that are made up of stairs or that have designed with some parts made wheelchair inaccessible. There are many reasons why it is important for buildings to have disabled lifts installed on them. We have provided some of the reasons below.

For easy accessibility

Disabled lifts make it easy for the disabled to have access to inaccessible areas within a building easily. Disabled lifts are commonly made up of a platform which is structured to be used beside stdisable signairways and are meant for movement of short distances. Disabled lifts became more popularly used in buildings after the DDA regulations which require all buildings to be made accessible to all people irrespective of their physical ability. Disabled lifts offer a viable solution for buildings that have small flights of stairs.

For proper social integration

The social importance of buildings having disabled lifts is to ensure that the disabled are adequately incorporated into the society. It ensures that the disabled are given the right and opportunity to take an active part in societal life and live a healthy life. A physically challenged individual will be able to live a normal life without any movement impediment caused by structures. A disabled person will be able to travel around the home, work, shops and other common destinations.

Barrier free environment

The importance of buildings having disabled lifts is to provide disabled people with an obstruction free environment to allow them to live an independent life. Likewise, the lifts are aimed at ensuring the safety and convenience of all individuals with disabilities.

For their psychological wellbeing

Persons with disabilities struggle to move around. It is, therefore, essential that buildings be modified to make every part accessible to them. Disabled lifts in buildings ensure that these individuals can live independently. Thus, often it is essential to modify buildings to incorporate the needs of these disabled persons in the society.

Types of disabled lifts for different convenience

Disabled lifts are of different forms. It can come as stair lifts or vertical platform lifts situated close to the Disabled Liftsstaircase. They are usually made up of accessible, handrails and a non-slip floor surface to prevent falls. The disabled lifts need to be significantly flexible so as to be easily customized to meet the need of the individual and the particular building where it is being installed

There are also disable stair lifts with a wheelchair platform. This type of disabled lifts gets rid of the need to move the disabled person from a wheelchair to the lift. It allows the disabled to be wheeled straight on to the lift. However, these types of disabled lifts take an enormous room which is not adequately provided for in residential buildings.