All You need to Know About Trimming Cannabis Buds

Trimming cannabis is a necessary and important step. After growing your cannabis, the last step is to trim the buds before you present it to customers. Many people tend to avoid this process because it is tiresome and boring. However, investing in the right tools and growing your trimming technique can be very helpful.

It would help if you learned how to trim your buds and enjoy the process. Over time I have learned the process and gained experience. I never let my sugar trim or scissor hash go to waste while trimming my AAA flowers. Here are some trimming tips that you should keep in mind:

Is Trimming Cannabis Buds Necessary?

Yes, trimming cannabis buds is necessary for people selling cannabis commercially. It is part of preparing the product before selling it. Trimmed buds look good and attractive. If you want to take pictures before selling or you would like to display them for buyers, trimming is always an important step.

Trimming the buds also allows you to expose the concentrated part of the buds. If you want to get rid of everything and leave the part that is beneficial and concentrated, consider doing some trimming before you use it or sell your cannabis.

trimming cannabis

Cannabis Trimming Techniques

We have dry vs. wet trimming techniques. The truth is none is better than the other, and it all comes down to your preference. in wet trimming, you do the trimming when the plant is still on the vine.

This method of trimming you are precise with your scissors, and you have more control. You will get better-trimmed buds, but you have to go through the sugar. Dealing with moisture is not a pleasant experience, and many people avoid this procedure.

Dry trimming is done some few days after leaving the buds in an airy environment. With this trimming, the plant has dried, and you can have better control.

trimming cannabis

What Do You Use for Trimming

When it comes to trimming, you can use your hand to do it manually with a pair of scissors. This is the preferred method for many growers because it prevents wastage.

You can be precise with your scissors and get better control. However, if you are dealing with a lot of plants, you need to have a machine. With a machine, you will be able to do a lot of work, but there is always the chance of wastage.