The Best Features Of Iphone

Best features of the iPhone are well explained in this article. Iphone is one of the best phones on the market today coveted by most people due to its unique features. Recently there have been a lot of changes in the IOS – Apple’s software update for both the iPad and iPhone. Some of the significant changes to the iPhone include the new messages app and its improved lock screen. That aside, there are more tricks and features you might not know about.

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holding an iphoneOne of the most ingenious features is that Apple music can show you music lyrics in IOS 10. Also, Apple Maps can recall where you last packed your car. After a long beta season that saw the company release more than 400 versions of its pre-release software, the company late this year finally released the IOS 10.2. This gadget is unique in that it fixes crazy security holes and adds a few more groundbreaking features. That is why the public was eagerly for its release. Below we’ll look at more features that make the iPhone unique.

New emoji

Most iPhone users have been eagerly waiting for this new feature. This feature is supported by Unicode 9.0 which enables the phone to have a flood of new emoji washing over the iPads and iPhones worldwide. An additional 100 new emojis have been introduced into the iPhone platform. However, this does not include the older emojis that were installed during its new release.

Tv app

Apple’s new TV app is the latest and most talked about the addition to the IOS operating system. This is a next generation television guide for the streaming generation. It lists all your favorite TV shows apart from Netflix and recommends content you should watch based on viewing history and popularity. Once you select a TV show, the app automatically opens the necessary app to enable you to stream it.


black phoneApple just added two new stickers in IOS 10.2. On it, you can call on love, and it will automatically inflate a big heart that will get attached to the message you intend to send. Another one called “celebration” fills the whole screen with sparklers attached to haptic vibrations.

To use your new screen effects, you only need to type a message or insert an image in the messages app then long tap the devices icon without 3D touch. When the effect’s screen pops open, hit the screen tab on display and scroll until you get the effect you’re searching for.