Real Estate

The Benefits Of Atlanta’s Real Estate Sector

Atlanta is considered the capital of the New South in the U.S. It has several reasons to claim this title being a very progressive metropolitan area in the state of Georgia. In fact, it has evolved from being just a center of regional commerce to being a city with great influence internationally. Atlanta’s growth rate was pegged at 20.5 percent between the period of 2000 and 2006 making it the most rapidly growing metropolitan center in the U.S.

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia with a metropolitan population of more than 5.1 million as of July 2006. It ranks 9th as the most populous metropolitan area in the U.S.

Real estate

hdd74Real estate wise, Atlanta is home to numerous high rise and mid rise buildings with modern architectural design spread in the Downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead areas. It boasts of its towering Bank of America Plaza at more than 1,000 feet becoming the world’s 29th tallest building. With the influx of businesses in the city, the real estate industry has also been growing. This, in turn, has led to a favorable employment rate and economic boom.

Being home to many of America’s top television networks, it is not surprising that various real estate reality TV shows are being produced to highlight Atlanta’s real estate sector. Some of these very popular shows, notably on home flipping or buying, fixing and reselling residential properties, are the Flip This House and The Real Deal.

Purchase of homes

houseIt’s a buyer’s market in the city as housing prices have dropped by almost 14 percent since August 2007. There are more than 115,000 homes on the market today, and this situation is definitely favorable for home buyers whether first timers or those buying second homes. One-bedroom homes are the most sought after with an increase of nearly 10 percent. At this time, moving to Atlanta with its great public schools, shopping and job opportunities should be worth wild.

With a vibrant real estate market, there’s no way to go down for Atlanta. Many businesses and homeowners will surely consider this area where they can reap many benefits on a financial and personal basis. It’s safe to say then that Atlanta will always be up to the challenge whatever crisis may come along. It has surpassed its past issues, and it will hurdle its challenges in the future.