Different Roles Played by Trade Show Staff

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A trade show takes time to plan, and every staff should be adequately trained before the actual event takes place. Industry experts recommend at least three to six months of preparation. The members of the company set to attend the trade show should be trained to master their roles. The major role for the whole team is to present the brand to the attendees effectively. The following are the major roles that staff should learn before attending a trade show.


presenterThe presenter in a tradeshow engages the attendees to ensure there are sales and interests for the company. For example, in our previous tradeshow, the trade show staff made our Toronto car show a huge success by their beautiful presentation to the point that most of the visitors to our stand promised to visit our showroom after the show. They kept their promises as they came to the showroom, and we closed many sales. One thing to note is that the presenter should be an experienced public speaker to give demonstrations and presentations effectively. 


The host is the first person to interact with the attendees. The host needs to train well on interacting with different personalities to attract their attention to the company’s products and services. The major roles of the hosts include directing attendees, handing out materials, and checking badges.

Crowd Gathers 

The crowd gathers are positioned near the products and services booths, preferably at the aisles. They attract the attention of the attendees to the stalls to make the products noticeable. They also ask qualifying questions to the attendees to gauge their interests. 

Lead Gatherers

The lead gatherers pass lead data to the sales team to guide them on the frequent sales questions. They should have in-depth knowledge about the products and services to answer customer questions and engage them actively and accurately. The data collected by the lead gather guides the sales team on the products to focus on. 

Strategic positioning all the members participating in the trade show increases the chance of making sales. Trade show focus on doing an impressive presentation of goods and services to activate attendees’ interest. A trade show also gives the company a chance to provide customers with in-depth information about the products and services. 

In conclusion, the company needs to prepare adequately for presentations in a trade show where every member is trained to effectively play their role. The participants have to display teamwork because they will follow a given sequence until the sale is finalized. The team should, therefore, set the expected goals to ensure success. 



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